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Adventure Begins With Advenzee

Kalinchowk Trek

$600 $500 / per person
Kalinchowk trek is located in the eastern hilly region of Nepal in…
6 Days

Tsho Rolpa Trek

$1800 $1500 / per person
Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek is one of the least visited trekking routes located…
17 Days

Sailung Trek

$2400 $2000 / per person
Sailung trekking is easy and less crowded trekking trail of Nepal. Sailung…
15 Days

Bhairav Kunda Trek

$1400 $1200 / per person
Bhairav kunda is a newly opened trekking destination known for exploring a…
13 Days
Panch Pokhari Trek Trek

Panch Pokhari Trek

$1200 $1000 / per person
The Panch Pokhari Trek is a travel to one of the remote…
17 Days

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek

$3000 $2800 / per person
Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is a striking journey that sums up…
18 Days

Rolwaling Valley Trek

$3000 $2800 / per person
Rolwaling Valley Trek is a high mountain valley trek which lies across…
20 Days

Kailash and Humla Circuit Trek

$3000 $2500 / per person
This trip offers an indigenous Tibetan cultured people settled here with their…
24 Daya

Saipal Himal Base Camp Trek

$2000 $1800 / per person
Api Saipal Himal Trek is for those trekkers/hikers who want to visit…
18 Days

Humla Nyinba Valley & Railing Gompa Trek

$1600 $1400 / per person
While Humla in northwestern Nepal is quite famous as the gateway to…
11 Days

Rara to Humla Trek

$250 $2300 / per person
The Rara to Humla Traverse goes from the biggest lake in Nepal, Rara…
27 Days

Humla Simikot Trekking

$4500 $4000 / per person
Simikot Trekking trail goes along with Mugu and Dolpo districts in the…
20 Days

Limi Valley Trek

$2600 $2400 / per person
Limi Valley Trekking is the last remaining area of true wilderness in…
19 Days

Rara Lake To Khaptad National Park Trek

$1800 $1600 / per person
Rara and Khaptad National Park are the most popular trekking destinations in…
16 Days

Dolpo to Rara Lake Trekking

$2800 $2500 / per person
Dolpo to Rara Trekking is one of the popular trekking routes of…
23 Days
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