Mt. Everest is the tallest peak in the world, that soars at 8,848 m above sea level. People from all over the world visit Nepal to see this magical beauty of nature and some even dare to climb to the top of it. Many people around the world are curious to know about the glorious and majestic art of nature. So, today in this article, I?m going to reveal some interesting facts related to Mt. Everest, its geography, history of exploration, and several other facts relating to it.   Where is

When it comes to trekking in the Himalayas, Nepal, for the most part, is a wonderful country. Whether you?re looking for a nimble getaway from the bustling city or planning an escape into the wild for a week or two, this captivating country is certain to dazzle you at most. Surrounded by the sky-high Himalayas, enchanting lakes, turbulent rivers, diverse cultures, and centuries-old architectures, Nepal has always been the country where backpacker?s dreams meet reality.   What to expect while trekking in Nepal? If you?re planning to travel to Nepal for

For a woman, maintaining healthy hygiene during treks are so much more challenging and inconvenient as compared to males. A woman should consider all the possible circumstances and be prepared to avoid any cross-contaminations, bacterial infections and health issues that are more likely to arise while travelling. It is a critical topic to be understood and proper precautions should be taken to remain healthy and be fit to trek.The preparations should include proper packing of all the items required for hygiene purpose, and maintain precaution related with health. Below are

Solo travelling is an intense therapy of exploration and being to self. It is a journey that helps you ponder about the answers that are interwoven in your own thoughts. But why wouldn?t you trek solo? Mostly because of fear, alienation, inability to cope, insecurity? However, the gain is much more worth than the fear compared. We tend to look at the negatives more and focus lesser on the benefits, hence listing down the benefits of solo treks: ?Step out of comfort zone You are used to sitting about and working

Between the majestic Himalaya Mountains that can be glimpsed from juddering bushes and the fascinating Indian jungles, Nepal is a land where things like yaks and yetis, hidden monasteries, the colorful temples and the bizarre encounters appear to be seemingly common. Ever since Nepal has opened its border to inlet the foreigners all-round the world, it has emerged as an enchanting destination for hikers and trekkers. The rugged trails to Mount Everest leading to the top of the world are just more than enough to attracts mountain climbers

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