Solo Traveling Tips and guide

Why you should do Solo Traveling?

Solo travelling is an intense therapy of exploration and being to self. It is a journey that helps you ponder about the answers that are interwoven in your own thoughts.
But why wouldn?t you trek solo? Mostly because of fear, alienation, inability to cope, insecurity? However, the gain is much more worth than the fear compared. We tend to look at the negatives more and focus lesser on the benefits, hence listing down the benefits of solo treks:

?Step out of comfort zone

You are used to sitting about and working in the place you are comfortable in. If you want to get out and try something different, solo trek is the right choice to make. Stepping out of the comfort zone and exposing yourself to an unfamiliar environment gives you a new experience; which does not necessarily have to be negative at all. It just teaches you to adjust in a varying environment, circumstances and learn something out of the ordinary.

Decision making Capacity

Travelling alone definitely means that you are your own king and every decision you make depends on your actions and choices. It develops you into a more focused person and also improves your critical thinking skills. Freedom to make your own decisions help you enjoy the travel as you want it to be. You can decide how further you want to travel in a day, which place you want to stay and also determine your rest days etc. along with all their decisions that is necessary.

Meeting interesting people

The most interesting part of any trek apart from the landscape and scenic beauty are the people. However, the people you encounter may be encouraging about you travelling solo or confused and negative; but either ways you meet a different individual all the time. Learning from the people is the best way to connect to the place. The ideas that they share, comments and culture that they reflect highly influences your trek personally.
Also you meet travelers, groups and you get to learn from people.

Self- confidence

Travelling solo enhances your self-esteem. Walking alone amidst difficult trails, organizing your own plans and also caring for you eventually boosts more confidence. It allows you to improve your mental ability as you have more time and experiences to yourself how and also helps you realize your physical capacity.

Improve communication skills

The core way of connecting to people is by talking to them. When you are alone the only way to become more secure is by communicating to people. Like taking information about the local place, the culture, the threats of the area etc. As you are alone you have to take the support of the people nearby before making any decisions. This way you learn to analyze and talk to people accordingly.
You also get an exposure to other travelers with whom you can share a good talk of interests and personal self. And at the end of the journey, you feel like you can communicate much better and with much ease.

Know yourself better

A lot of times we get so engaged in our own lives that we fail to look into the value of self-worth. With solo travelling, you?re alone most of the times which gives you enough time to ponder about your life, what your ambitions are and what you want to become. It improves your spiritual state of mind and allows you to notice your own habits, capacities and weaknesses too.
You have to make your own decision, get over the fears and obstacles along the route that enhances you into a person who learns to listen to your own heart.


Notice details

Travelling alone allow you time to look around things than you usually do. As you have time to yourself, you walk in your own pace and enjoy your time alone. You do not have to wait for other people or be worried of being left out. Instead you start noticing details of various things that surround you. The pattern of the hills, the motion of flowing water, the expressions of people passing by etc. You improve your ability of observance.

Cost effective

Solo trek is cost effective because you spend money only for yourself. There are lesser temptations involved while you are travelling alone rather than in a group or with someone else. People are indulged more in self-discovery rather than spending money. Thus, the expenditure is so much lesser than travelling with someone which would eventually boost up the costing.

Here are some tips about how you can make your solo trek more enjoyable than you can think so:

1. Become different than your ordinary living habits, Learn to accept things around you for a better and local experience.
2. Sometimes when you get confused or lost, DO NOT PANIC but trust YOUR OWN GUT. Because the power of intuition is strong enough to give you a feasible decision.
3. It is always smart to be low-key and not reveal everything about yourself because when strangers know everything about you it might get dangerous too.
4. It is always better to talk to local people about the place, next stops etc. this way you can get to know about the situations further from there and also the local people will remember that you walked past the way (Incase anything unfortunate happens it will be easier to track)
5. Also talk to other travelers so that if anything happens along the way they can help you in any way possible because there has already been an icebreaker session.
6. Always carry extra cash backup because you never know if you might end up differently than your planned itinerary. Also, do not carry cash bundles in the same place but rather divide it in different backpack pockets.
7. Maintain a small log book of your daily transactions so that you can keep an easy trek of your own budget.
8. First aid should be at the top priority and it has to place on the top side of your bag pack for quick access at all times.
While keeping in mind all of the above you can push yourself to get out and travel solo on your own because it is worth your time and effort.




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